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Who We Are

We are professional performers and teachers focused on the classical guitar who enjoy creating and sharing music for the instrument we love. This means that all our music is 'teacher - tested' or performed by us.

At present there are 6 contributors from around the world sharing a common goal: providing a home for guitar players and their friends looking for new music scores to play and learn from.

What We Do

Music4ClassicalGuitar.com is dedicated to providing high quality scores for classical guitar with the focus on music for beginners, guitar ensemble and chamber music that features guitar. Visitors can preview scores and purchase them in a secure online environment. When you purchase a score, we'll keep a copy of it in your personal music locker - forever!

Distributing music by PDF download is simple, immediate, and easier on our environment! We also donate 5% of sales to Tree Canada so they can plant more trees and help make our world a better place. And we're proud to receive our electricity from Bullfrog Power, a company that sources all their energy from renewable sources like wind, solar and micro hydro.

Associates 'self-publish' on our site, thus retaining their copyright, and earn a much larger royalty than they might in traditional publishing avenues. Purchasing music on this site is a way to empower professional musicians, many of whom, like you, are seeking to make their way in the world by doing what they love.

We are committed to your privacy and do not share information, including email addresses, with any other parties.

What Can We Do For You?

We're here to support you! If there's anything we can do to help you on your musical journey, just drop us a line and let us know...

What can we do for you?